Friday, April 27, 2012

Shells Bonnet

Hello my lovlies! I have a wonderful new pattern for you all today! Thought I should do something a little larger, so todays pattern is designed to fit about 20-22 weeks gestation. Its super cute and best of all super easy to make, I promise! Its all of 8 rows/rounds. Yes, yes it is modelled on a Christmas tree ball, it just happens to be the right size. I've had trouble sourcing poly-balls to use that are the right size so whatever works right?

Im also excited to say Ill have some pattern REVIEWS up in the next few days. I know I always like to see how things work before making them, so Ill be sharing with you some excellent patterns. Not just for Angels and Preemies but for other things as well. Im also thinking of holding a contest in which you get entries by adding projects to Ravelty, prize would be a mystery bag of yarn. Interested?

Ok Shell, stop waffling and start with the pattern! As always its untested, I wrote this one in class during lunchbreak today, thats right, never leave the house without a hook, some yarn and a pen and paper! As always, written in AMERICAN terms, Hey, I may be an Aussie but its what I know <3

Shell Bonnet
3.00mm hook and sports weight baby yarn (5ply, tho 4ply fingering would work just as well)

1: ch3, DC 11 times in the 1st chain.
2: ch3, DC in the same st, then 2DC in each st around, join.
3: ch3, *DC, 2DC in the next* Repeat around, join.
4: ch3, DC in the BACK LOOP ONLY in each st around, DO NOT JOIN. From here on out we'll be working in rows and not rounds.
5: ch3, turn, DC in each st across.
6-7: Repeat row 5.
8: ch1, turn. sl st in the first *skip 2, 5DC in the next, skip 2, sl st in the next* Repeat this till you reach the end, the last st will be a slst and you should have 5 shell clusters.

cut 3 lengths of yarn 6 inches or 15cm long, fold in half and loop through the corner of the bonnet. Braid the tie and knot at the end. Repeat for the other side.

Thats it lovlies, your all done!

I think this one would also look lovely with stripes, or as a solid colour with a contrasting colour for the shells.


  1. do you join at the end of each round?

  2. By my reckoning, I get 6 shells from a count of 36 dc?