Sunday, April 15, 2012

Micro Preemie Caps, Hats and Bonnets

This set has been a few days in the making. I wanted to make some hats for the smallest of small (14-16 weeks gestation), and it starts getting a bit tricky when you get down to this size. Its hard to keep details and get stitch patterns noticeable which such little room. I'm pretty happy with how this 6 came out, and I'm hoping they prove useful for charities across the globe and give comfort to many families. Yarn and hook sizes listed under each title, and all stitches are in AMERICAN terms. These can all be easily adjusted by going up a hook size or by using thicker yarns, however I do not recommend using anything thicker then DK. All Joins are done to the top of the chain that started the round.

Tube Hat
3.5mm and 3.00mm hook for last round
fingering 4ply

R1. ch 26, careful not to twist, join to first chain.
R2. ch2, hdc in each st around, join
R3-R5 Repeat row 2.
R6. ch3, dc in each, join
R7. ch2, hdc in each st around, join
R8-R11 Repeat round 7
drop to a 3mm hook
R12-13 ch1, sc in each st around, join.
Finish off and weave in ends.
Take a piece of ribbon or contrasting yarn, weave it in and out around the DC stitches. Pull tight and tie a bow.
The sc end is the bottom of the hat.

Frilly Bonnet
fingering 4ply

R1. ch2, 8hdc into first ch. join
R2. ch3, dc in same st, 2dc in each st around (16)
R3. ch3, dc in each st around, do not join, from here on in we'll be working in rows.
R4. ch3, turn, dc in each st across
R5-R6. Repeat R4
R7. ch1, turn, 3sc in each st across. End off and weave in ends
Weave a length of ribbon in and out between the stitches on the second last dc row. Tie in a bow.

Mini Butterfly Hat
3mm hook, Sports weight yarn, small button or bling.

R1. ch3, 8dc in the 1st chain, join
R2. ch3, dc in same st  *dc, dc, 2dc next* around, Join
R3. ch2, hdc around, join
R4. ch2, hdc7, ch7, sk5, hdc in next and rest to end, join
R5. ch2, hdc7, ch7, skip the chains, hdc in next hdc and rest to end, join.
R6 ch2, hdc 7, ch4, sc into the 3rd skipped stitch from round 4 so all the ch rows are bunched together, ch3, miss the rest of the chains and hdc in each hdc to end. Join, Finish off and weave in ends 

Sweet Pea
3mm hook, fingerling 4ply baby yarn

R1. ch4, join to make a loop.
R2. ch2, 6hdc in the loop do not join
R3. hdc around until piece is 1.1 inches long, slst once to even out and prepare for increases
R4. ch3, dc same st, 2dc each round (12 counting chain)
R5. ch3, dc same st, *dc, 2dc in the next* Repeat around, join.
R6. ch3, dc in each st around, join.
R7-R11 Repeat R6
Finish off and weave in ends.
piece should be 4.5 inches from top to bottom. Fold the bottom few rows up so the finished piece measures about 3.4 inches

Simple Stripes
3.00mm Hook, fingering weight baby yarn in 2 colours.

Colour A: ch3, hdc 8 times into the first ch, join

pick up secondary colour and start crocheting with it. there is no need to end and rejoin new colours each round yet, simply drop the old and pick up the new :)

Colour B: ch2, hdc same st, 2hdc in each st around, join

Colour A: ch2, hdc same st, *hdc, 2hdc in the next st* repeat around, join

Colour B: ch2, hdc in each st around, join.

Colour A: Repeat previous row and after joining at the end of this row finish off colour A 

Colour B: ch2, hdc in each st around, join
Repeat previous row
ch1, sc in each st around. Finish off and weave in ends.

Striped Pixie Bonnet
3.00mm hook and sports weight yarn in 2 colours.

R1, Colour A: ch21. DC 3rd from hook each across
R2-R3. ch3, turn, dc in each st across. Finish off and weave in ends.
R4, Colour B: join colour with a sl st, ch3, dc in the same st, dc in each st across
R5-R6 ch3, turn, dc across

Fold in half and sl st up the back. weave in ends
Cut one length each of colour A and B (mine are 13 inches) fold in half and tie the loop onto the corner of the bonnet. Braid the tie and knot at the bottom. Repeat on the other side. Trim the ends so they are the same length.


  1. These are just adorable, thank-you for sharing, as I too donate just about any/all of the hats that I make (various sizes) to charities :)

  2. Wow Fantastic !!!!! Cannot wait to try these :)
    xxx Rhonda (CCP)

  3. Just gorgeous! Will be trying these out. Thankyou for providing us with some awesome, simple patterns :)

  4. I was wondering at what Premmie-ness these would fit? :) They are so fabulously gorgus! :)

    1. Around 14-16, maybe up to 18 weeks gestation. They are designed for angel babies, which is why they are a bit more extravagant then what you would usually see in a NICU

  5. Can you help? I have tried the butterfly hat multiple times and it has no "roundness" to it. It just looks like a tube and it's way too small to fit an egg. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. :(

    1. Hrm, Ill have a look, its possible Ive made a typo there somewhere and thats why its not working. Ill get back to you as soon as I figure it out :)

  6. Hello, I'm a beginner to crocheting and LOVE your blog. You are so talented! Is there any chance you have scaled your patterns up for more baby ages? I am having a difficult time finding guides on scaling up patterns. Is there a trick to making your beautiful patterns to create sizes for newborn babies (full gestation)?

    Thank you!

  7. The title states "micro preemie." I think it should state "angel babies" somewhere. I was looking for a pattern that fits 24-26 week gestation. Thank you.

    1. There are patterns for that size if you click on the preemie patterns link up the top of the page.

  8. can you please tell me what 3.99mm crochet hook is here in America? I am unable to locate one anywhere

    1. Hey there, as far as Im aware the 3mm isn't available in America. You can substitute it for a 3.25mm (D hook) and the size will be pretty close, but it really depends on your tension. If the 3.25mm comes out too small or tight swap to a 3.5mm and it should be fine. Realistically with hats this small a few mill isnt such a big deal, as most places can use any size.

  9. sorry that is suppose to be 3.00mm crochet hook

  10. Thank you for sharing these beautiful patterns!

  11. what are you using to display your hats on?

  12. my store bought eggs look much larger than what you have pictured and I have never seen any that dark in color.

    Can you give me some measurements I can go by?

    1. Quite standard eggs where I am :)

      The hats are for 14-16 weeks gestation, and will be around 10-12cm in circumference.

  13. I'm from the US and these look like standard brown eggs from our backyard chickens. Plus the yellow ribbon looks like the 1/4 inch I've used to make dog bow; which means that these poor babies are so, so tiny when it was their time to go. My heart just breaks for the grieving parents! Thank you so much for the patterns! It's not much, but with making these, those who make them can give some comfort to the parents.