Friday, April 19, 2013

Barbie Month .11 - Peasant Top

Carrying on from yesterdays peasant top, today we have a nice little peasant top to pair up with a skirt or pants. This top features a bobble edging, giving it a fun carefree look.

You will need:
3.75mm hook
4ply (fingering weight) yarn

1. ch26, in the 3rd chain from hook dc, dc in each stitch across. Join to the top of the first stitch to make a circle.
2. ch2, hdc in the first 4 stitches, ch4, skip 4, hdc in the next 8 stitches, ch4, skip 4, hdc in the last 4, join.
3. ch1, sc in the first 4 stitches, sc 4 times across the ch4 from the previous row, sc in the next 8 stitches, sc 4 times in the next ch4 section, sc in the last 4 stitches, join.
5. ch1, *sc, sc2tg* Repeat around, (you can choose to join and ch1, at the start of each round from here on, or place a stitch marker and sc in continual rounds)
6-11. sc in each stitch around
12, ch2. *Bobble (yo, insert, pull through ((3 on hook)) yo, insert, pull through ((5 on hook)), yo, insert, pull through ((7 on hook), yo, pull through all stitches), ch1, sk1* Repeat around, join. End off and weave in ends.


  1. thanks for sharing I have many different sizes dolls and was running out of ideas to dress them looking at you,r site is givng me a new start

  2. is it in us stitches

    1. All of my patterns are in US terms :)

    2. where is row 4? thanks