Sunday, April 28, 2013

Barbie Month .20 Ken's Overalls

Good morning beautiful people!

So close to the end now, Ive had such fun working up all these patterns, and my kids have been very excited with the new clothing.

Today's pattern was a suggestion from Lisa at crochet quackers and I have to say, Im so thrilled with it. Yup, good Ol' Ken has gone country with his very own denim look overalls! I think they are super cute, and my girls love the idea of Farmer Ken taking care of all their toy animals!

You will need:

4ply yarn (fingering weight) I've used Moda Vera Birdsnest
3.5mm hook
2 small buttons

1. ch22, sl st to join.
2. hdc in each stitch around, join.
3-6. Repeat round 2
First Leg 
7. ch2, hdc in the first 11 stitches, skip the rest and join to the 1st stitch to make a leg hole.
8+ Place marker and hdc in continual rounds until leg is the length of your dolls leg. Once it is the right length sl st to the next stitch.
ch1. sc in each stitch around, join.
Repeat twice more.
Finish off and weave in ends. Turn the sc rows up to make a cuff.

Second Leg
Join yarn to any unworked stitch from round 6 and repeat instructions from round 7 on.

Adding the bib.
1. Lay pants flat and find the front 11 stitches. Join yarn to the front right and sc across 11
2. ch1, turn, sc across
3. Repeat row 2
4. ch1, turn, sc2tg, sc in the next 7 stitches, sc2tg
5. ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across
6. ch1, turn, sc2tg, sc in the next 5 stitches, sc2tg
7. ch1, turn, sc across
8. ch1, turn, sc2tg twice, sc, sc2tg
end off, weave in the ends.

Adding the Straps
1. Turn the pants around so the bib side is face down. Find the centre 3 stitches in the back. Join to the 1st of 3 (on the right side) sc in the same stitch and the next 2
2. ch1, turn, sc across (3sc)
3-5. Repeat row 2
6. ch1, turn, 2sc in each stitch across (6)
7. ch1, turn sc across
8. Repeat row 7.
9. ch1, turn, sc 3 (starting one strap)
10-16. Repeat row 9.
End off.

Join yarn to one of the unworked edge stitches from row 8 and repeat  from row 9 down to create the second strap.

Add the buttons to the front of the bib.

Thats it guys, overalls are done :) Hope you enjoy making them.

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