Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barbie Month .8 - Shorts

Welcome to the start of week 2! This week we'll be kicking off with a fun and simple pair of shorts for Barbie. Very easy and simple to make in all sorts of fun colours!

You will need:
3.75mm hook
a rubber band that sits snug around your dolls waist
Light weight yarn. (thin dk) Im using Moda Vera Alpine Spritz which is listed as a sports weight but feels closer to dk.

1. Join yarn to the band with a sl st, sc 20 times around the band.
2. ch1, sc in each stitch around, join.
3-5. Repeat round 2
6. ch1, sc in the next 10, skip all the rest and join to the first sc. Leg made.
7. ch1, sc around the leg, join End off.
8. Join the yarn on an unworked stitch from round 5, sc 10, join. Second leg hole complete.
9. ch1, sc around.

This pattern can be easily adjusted to make longer shorts, simply sc a few more rows on each leg.


  1. Thank you for making a pattern for pants, that I can understand.
    I didn't have a rubber band small enough. So, I started with 18 then on row 3, I increased to get my 20 stitches. ��