Monday, April 8, 2013

Charity Craft Challenge - AFTF

Good morning peeps!

So, tomorrow my Barbie month commences, and wow do I have some patterns in store for you! I hope you like what I've created :)

However, today I wanted to take a moment to blog about an event that I'm sure people would love to support.
A group I've been following for some time now, Angels for the forgotten (caring for kids in care) are running their annual craft challenge. Last year this centred on sewing, and I sent off a bunch of Crayon rolls and some crocheted heart tags which they add to every bag. This year they have added a bunch of items to the list that are right up any crafters ally. These include hair accessories, jewellery, hats and scarves for kids and teens, beanies, booties, mitts for babies, blankets, bags, soft toys and dolls and many more items! You can find the list of items here

So what do they do exactly? Angels for the forgotten provide bags filled with items to kids entering foster and crisis care. For the children who are uprooted and moved about with nothing to call their own. They also help kids that have been in care transition to living on their own. They help these kids that would otherwise have nothing of their own, and feel like no one cares. Here is a bit from their  website.

"Angels for the Forgotten is dedicated to giving dignity, hope and joy to our community's most vulnerable who are entering foster care or living in crisis.Our aim is to put a little bit of Sparkle in to otherwise bleak and traumatic situations, With an aim to instill the feeling that "somebody does care" in to the hearts and minds of those , who feel alone and isolated in this world.
With your help we can all make "real change" ,"a real impact" and a "real difference".

So, if you are in Australia (or don't mind posting to Australia) and want to lend a crafting hand to help these kids out, AFTF have set up a Group on Facebook that you can join, share your projects and ask any questions.

I've joined the group already, maybe you'd like to come join me? You can bet Ill also keep you updated here on anything I've made. You just know I love any excuse to whip up some more patters!

Take care lovelies, and catch you tomorrow for the first release in Barbie month!


  1. What a great cause. I wish you well with it. I work with a local tech high school that does a toy drive for children each year. I make doll clothes and toys and buy the dolls for the clothes, too. I love this charity because it helps the high school students learn about running a charity and it gets toys to needy children who might not have anything under the tree at Christmas.

    It is amazing how we each find our calling.

    1. What a fantastic idea :) I really love anything that helps people that need it and teaches others at the same time. Its such a win win and a huge positive for everyone involved. Its also nice to hear that highschool students are getting involved in something like that, its lovely to see the younger generations stepping up and helping out.