Friday, September 4, 2015

The Nora Bonnet

Good morning all and welcome to day 4, and the 4th pattern! Today's pattern, the Nora bonnet, is super sweet, and actually reversible! I've picked one side to show off, but you can use whichever you prefer, both are equally stunning. This one was made using bamboo yarn, which I just love. It has the most amazing drape and softness to it. Its a little hard to pick up in the photo, but it has the most dainty texture to it.

The Nora Bonnet

Sized To Fit:
26 Weeks Gestation

Finished Measurements:
10.5cm tall
11.5cm wide

You Will Need:
3.5mm hook
DK/Light Worsted/wight 3/8ply yarn
I used Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo

Key - A = Pink
          B = Yellow

Special Stitches. DCBTC Double Crochet Behind the chain. Work your double crochet into the unworked stitch from the row before, being sure to place your hook behind rather than in front of the chain.

With A.
1. Leave a long tail, chain 35, sc into the second chain from hook and each across. (34)

2. ch2, turn, dc in the first stitch, *ch1, skip 1 stitch, dc in the next stitch,*, repeat across, dc in the last stitch.

With B.
3. ch1, turn, *sc in the next stitch, dc into the skipped stitch from the previous row, but work this stitch BEHIND the chain instead of infront of it. (see image at the start of the pattern, this will be called the DCBTC from here on)* repeat across.

4. ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

With A
5. ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

6. ch3, turn, dc in the next stitch, *ch1, skip one stitch, dc in the next stitch*, repeat across, dc in the last.

With B
7. ch1, turn, sc in the same stitch, *sc in the next stitch, DCBTC in the skipped stitch from the row below*, repeat across, sc in the last.

8. ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

With A
9. ch1, sc in each stitch across

10-17. Repeat rows 6-9

18. ch2, turn, hdc, *ch1, skip one stitch, hdc in the next stitch*, repeat across, hdc in the last stitch.

Don't end. Sit hook down, and take up your starting tail and a sewing needle and sew up the back of your bonnet. Pick hook back up.

19. do not turn. ch1, sc evenly around the base of the bonnet, stop at the next corner.

20. ch1, turn, hdc across. End off.

With B chain 100 for tie. Weave in and out of the spaces on row 18.

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