Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tyler Beanie

Good morning peeps,
Day 11 and another sweet beanie. Today's beanie, the Tyler, is such a pretty stitch! I really enjoyed this one, and I can't wait to use the same stitch for some matching pieces down the track. This hat is worked in the round, so you will need a stitch marker or piece of yarn to mark each round. Again, this would be a good one to upsize or downsize, just add some extra increase rounds before starting on the pattern repeats.

The Tyler Beanie

Sized To Fit:
37/38 Weeks gestation

Finished Measurements:
11.5cm in total length
14.5cm across at the widest point.

You Will Need:
2.5mm Hook
4ply/fingering/weight 1 yarn
I used King Cole bamboo cotton 4ply.

1. magic ring, ch1, sc 10 times, place marker
2. ch1, 2dc in each stitch around (20)
3. *hdc, 2hdc*, repeat around (30)
4. *hdc in the next 2 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch*, repeat around (40)
5. *hdc in the next 3 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch*, repeat around (50)
6. hdc in each stitch around (50)
7. *hdc in the next 4 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch*, repeat around (60)
8. *(sc, dc) in the first stitch, skip the next stitch*, repeat around.
9-17: repeat round 8
18:sc in the next 2 stitches, sl stitch in the next. ch1, sc in each stitch around, join to first sc after the ch1.
19. ch1, sc in the back loop only of each stitch around, join.

End off, weave in tails.

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