Wednesday, September 14, 2016

14. The Carrie Beanie

Good morning all, and hello day 14. Woah, 2 weeks in already, we're almost halfway there. This month sure is flying. How are you all going with your hats?

I want to just touch this morning on sizing. The blue hat is the one the measurements are based on for this pattern. I used a 2.5mm hook as stated, and King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4ply. The finished hat is sized for about 12 weeks gestation. The pink hat beside it uses Jaeger Siena Cotton, which is also a 4ply yarn, and a 2.5mm hook. It is 5.5cm in height and 7cm total width, and comes in closer to 14 weeks gestation. This is considerably larger than the first hat, yet both yarns are listed as 4ply/fingering weight. I know this can be a tad frustrating, but when it comes to hats this small, it's incredibly easy to go from one size to the next just by changing the yarn brand! This is something that doesn't effect larger hats quite so much, because there is a larger gap between one size to the next.

Luckily for us, charities and foundations across the globe can use all sizes! So unless you are making them for a specific bub, you'll be fine.


Carrie Beanie

Sized To Fit:
Approx 12-14 weeks gestation, depending on yarn thickness

You Will Need:
2.5mm hook
Fingering weight/4ply yarn

1: Into a magic ring, ch2, hdc 9 times, join to the first hdc - 9

2: Ch4 (counts as first sc and ch3), sc in the next stitch, ch3, *sc in the next stitch, ch3*, repeat around, join to the 1st chain - 9sc, 27chs (3.5cm/1.3”)

3: Slst into the first ch3 space, ch4 (counts as first sc and ch3), sc in the same space, (sc, ch3, sc) in each ch3 space around, join to the first chain. - 18sc (4.5cm/1.7” across widest points)

4-8: Repeat round 3

End off, weave in tails.

Finished Measurements: 5.5cm/2.1” total height, 6cm/2.3” total width

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