Monday, September 19, 2016

19. The Samantha Bonnet

Day 19! Wow talk about going fast. My little stash of hats to post is growing by the day. Well over 50 now. How incredible! I can't wait to see how many come in. Don't forget we post on October 15th.

Today's bonnet is a very very easy one. It only uses dc rows, some chains and some scs. Pretty simple right? Right! But, it's the trim that makes this bonnet extra special. Bust out your fun yarns guys, because this bonnet is perfect for them. I've used chenille for a soft fluffy finish, but you can really go wild here.

Samantha Bonnet

Sized To Fit
28-30 weeks gestation

You Will Need:
4mm hook
10ply/worsted weight yarn. I used Moda Vera Adalyn, which is sadly discontinued, but it feels a little lighter than other worsted weights I've used.
A contrasting colour, I used a chenille yarn, by craftworks, but any 10ply/worsted weight will do.

1: ch22, dc into the 2nd chain from hook, dc in the next 19 chains, 3dc in the last chain, now, working on the opposite side of the stitches you just made (into the same chains) dc in each chain across (20 total), do not join. - 43 12cm/4.7” long and 3cm/1.1” wide

2. ch3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), turn, dc in each stitch across, the last stitch will be in the skipped chain from the first round. - 43

3-9. ch3, turn, dc in each stitch across, last stitch will be in the ch3 from the previous round. - 43

After row 9, sc evenly along the neckline, and join to the 3rd chain of the ch3 from row 9.

End off.

Grab your contrasting colour and chain 25 (20cm in length, you may need more or less depending on yarn choice), join your yarn to the top of the starting ch3 from row 9. ch1, sc in each stitch across the brim of the bonnet, when you reach the end of the row chain another 25 to complete the second tie. End off and weave in tails.

Finished Measurements: 14.5cm/5.7” in height, not including ties, and 11.5cm/4.5” in total width from crown to brim.

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