Saturday, September 9, 2017

9. Basic MicroPrem Beanie

Good morning lovelies and welcome day 9!

Today I thought we'd go back to basics, and do something quick and easy. These little basic dc beanies are the easiest beanie you'll ever make. They have just one increase round, and only 6 rounds total, making them a great place for beginners to start.

Once you've mastered the basic beanie, you can shake it up so many ways! Alternate colours on each round. Alternate colours every second round. Use 3 colours and create an ombre! You could use a contrasting colour on the last round to make a more defined brim, or even put a picot edge on there!

These hats are also an excellent way to use up buttons! If you're anything like me, you have a stash of miss-matched buttons in the craft cupboard! I have a bunch, mostly vintage from my nanna, and I like to add a contrasting one to these small hats. Cute as a button! Oh yes, pun intended! Little bows, ribbons and flowers can also be used to decorate.

These are also a great hat to make on commutes, as they take up barely any space in your bag or even your pocket, and you can make oodles from a 50g ball of yarn.

Basic Micro Prem Beanie

You Will Need:
DK Weight/8ply Yarn
3.5mm Hook

Sized To Fit
18-19 Weeks Gestation

1: Into a magic ring dc 10 times, join to the first dc. -10dc
2: Ch3, dc in the same stitch, 2dc in each stitch around, join to the ch3. -20dc
3-6: Ch3, dc in each stitch around, join to the ch3. -20dc

End off, weaving in all tails. Attach button to the front side of the beanie.

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