Friday, September 15, 2017

15. Posy Beanie

Morning all and hello to day 15, our halfway mark! Today's beanie is very similar to the 18-19 weeker beanie from day 9. In fact, the Posy only has a couple of changes, to change the measurement size! It is, like the other, a great beanie for adding small embellishments and is the perfect place for someone who's only just learning to start.

Posy Beanie

You Will Need:
DK Weight/8ply Yarn
3.5mm Hook

Sized To Fit:
20 Weeks Gestation

1: Into a magic ring ch2, dc 12 times, join to the first dc. -12dc

2: Ch3, dc in the same stitch, 2dc in each stitch around, join to the first dc -24dc

3: Ch3, dc in each stitch around, join to the first dc.

4-7: Repeat round 3

End off, weaving in tails.

Alternative Options.

Add a round of crab stitch after round 7.
Use contrasting colours for every second round for stripes.
Use a contrasting colour for round 7. 

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